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Our Specialisation

Your success is our success !

Since inception, DC Conference & Association Management (DCC&A) has specialised in managing conferences in the medical association and not for profit sector. These conferences have a unique set of requirements as do not start out with pre-determined budgets and often have complex program requirements. They are often years in the planning and are a careful balance of income and expenditure.

This sector is one DCC&A is passionate about supporting and it has been our deliberate choice to remain in this area.  DCC sees value and fulfilment in managing “conferences with meaning” which have real purpose and where the end result can contribute something really worthwhile.

DCC&A brings maturity, experience and expertise to the planning these conferences. We take the load off the conference committees who already have day jobs and limited time to manage the exacting minutia required to bring about successful conferences of this type.

We will also bring fresh ideas and innovations to engage delegates and make your conference a most valuable and memorable experience. 

DCC&A welcomes invitations to submit proposals for conference management services for association conferences as this is our niche area. We are experts in this field having successfully managed many hundreds of conferences of this type, both national and international in the last 30 years. 

Talk to us about your unique requirements, we are here to help.