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Upskilling at DC Conferences: how we found the silver living in COVID-19

It would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 has completely changed the lives of people and businesses across the world. For us at DCC, we’ve had to adapt to working-from-home on a part-time basis.  We’ve cleared our 2020 calendars and cancelled or postponed around 20 conferences, and we’re learning how to take it slow in a once fast-paced industry.


In 2020, we aren’t feeling the pressure of event deadlines as they creep up on us way too quickly, we’re no longer flying through 8–10 hour days with insane workloads (not that we don’t love the rush – we’re event professionals after all!), we’re not working crazy hours onsite and loving every minute of it, and sadly we don’t get to enjoy the company of our colleagues on a tea break! But just because we’re missing out on some of the best parts of our job, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a silver lining.


Whilst much of our daily work routine has changed due to COVID-19, we’ve gained something incredibly important and often something that is never on our side in the industry: time. So as to not take time for granted, we at DC Conferences are taking the time to upskill, best preparing ourselves for a return to the ‘new normal’.


We predict the ‘new normal’ to include the introduction of more event technology to enable hybrid events. Hybrid events allow for an online presence of virtual attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to be felt at our events and meetings, rather than just onsite attendees. Through hybrid events, we can connect with a greater range of experts from around the world without the need for travel.


We also expect to see a greater importance placed on face-to-face meetings once they can resume, and that there be an expectation that events be flexible with any future disasters.

As we prepare for what will be a new world of events, DCC is proud to see that our talented and experienced conference management team has been busy preparing for the future; becoming proficient in managing hybrid and virtual conferences, exhibitions and webinars and upskilling in many areas so that when we are back working at full capacity again we will be better prepared than ever. Plenty of our staff are now EventsAIR Certified, OnAIR Certified and developing further necessary skills in preparation for the ‘new normal’. 

 At this time flexibility is the key: we are constantly assessing the current environment and adapting planning to meet the current requirements. Many of our clients are keen to see the return of face to face meetings but also understand that an online component may be here to stay.

With over 130 years’ experience collectively amongst staff, more than 300 conferences managed, and with new knowledge from upskilling, DCC is ready and now has the ability to deliver in whichever format best suits the current situation and our client’s needs.


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Written by Dianna Crebbin, Director, and Georgia Beerens, Conference Coordinator