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Conference Management isn't Rocket Science

Conference management isn’t rocket science; that’s true!

But quoting Socrates



Professional conference management using a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), (particularly an experienced and accredited one), can certainly avoid the multitude of unforeseen pitfalls in bringing together a successful event.

The question often arises

“Can we afford the cost of using a PCO?”

Our answer is

“Can you afford the cost of NOT using a PCO?”

Ask yourself a few simple questions;

  • Can I develop a staged project plan?
  • Do I know enough about conference costs to develop a true working budget?
  • Do I have the skills to manage the budget to produce the desired bottom line?
  • What AV will be needed and what will this cost?
  • What do I know about venue and accommodation contracts? What are the pitfalls?
  • Do I have the skills to secure sponsors?
  • Can I plan an exhibition space to maximise exposure and delegate flow?
  • Do I have the capability to register and confirm delegate participation? 
  • Can I manage submission and review of abstracts?
  • What are the biggest risks and how do I mitigate them?
  • Can I manage a virtual or hybrid event?
  • Do I have the time?

An experienced PCO will have the professional team to manage all of the above and much more. They will minimise the risks. They will be invested in the success of your conference. They will be invested In your budget to produce a positive financial outcome.

Using a PCO should be seen as an INVESTMENT in the success of your event, not as a cost of running the event.

If you don’t know what you don’t know then invest in a PCO


Written by Dianna Crebbin, Director