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A Muse on Company Culture

How important is company culture to an organisation?

Those of us who have worked in a number of companies will attest that a culture exists and is unique for each company, but it may be nebulous and difficult to define. You can get a glimpse of a company’s culture when you walk through the door; how are you greeted?,  what is the “vibe” in the room?. It’s there but how do you define it?

Some may say that it is “the shared values that amalgamate a team” and this can be demonstrated in the workplace in many different ways but ultimately it comes down to “What does the team really care about?”.

Leadership sets the tone for company culture but ultimately it belongs to the team. It’s all about the people. It’s like a river- it will either flow with you or against you. Harnessed carefully, culture directs and aligns the performance of the team and with the correct strategy enables companies to reach and exceed their objectives. Yet it does far more than that, it elevates, motivates and stabilises the performance of the team.

DC Conferences places a very high value on company culture. It defines the company, the work we undertake and the way we deliver it.  We have agreed on our core values and we display them in our office.  We have defined and redefined our vision and mission statements.

Ultimately, we have decided that we want to manage conferences and associations that are purposeful and meaningful. We work towards engendering respect, integrity and trust in our relationships with our clients, and each other, and in doing this we bring real meaning and value to the services we deliver.


 Written by Dianna Crebbin, Director