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An Exhibitors Experience In The Virtual World - PAIN2020

With a different delivery method, it has been a steep learning curve and forced them to take on a whole new approach. The virtual platforms provide a different means to engage with delegates and sponsors have to adapt and learn new things in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

New skills and resources are needed to be successful at a virtual event. Here is a little list of what they have learnt.

Create new content – personal welcome messages, target your audience, DON’T use corporate general messaging and videos.

  • Put in the EFFORT to connect with the delegates at this event! Know your audience – target them as you would in a face-to-face setting.
  • Develop messaging that will ENGAGE with the delegate “You have got the best thing since sliced bread” to show them that will assist them in so many ways ………. They really need to come and see you to find out more.
  • Create content specific to the event and audience – just like you would if you were at a face-to-face event. 
  • Invest in a good videographer to create customised content for each event – this may be a new investment and but it pays off.
  • Record product demonstration videos – if you can’t show them hands on show them virtually.
  • Record training or short “how to” videos, or other content that you would typically say in a face-to-face trade booth meeting.
  • Have people on your booth that customers want to speak to. If there are people they don’t know – they may not request a live call or chat. 
  • Think of ways to engage with the audience – delegate gift, extra meetings, wellness breaks
  • Give yourself plenty of lead time to create new content.
  • When the event is live, set yourself up with a trade banner or product display behind you so that on video calls you look like a trade exhibit. Pay attention to surrounds and dress and lighting. Have product and power point slides handy to use during the call.
  • Have plenty of people on the booth during the meeting breaks as delegates leave after 15-20sec if no one answers and they rarely come back.
  • Make sure all of your team know how to use the conference platform and practice, practice before the event.

Most importantly be organised and diligent in reading all of the materials the organisers send and keep to the timelines they provide. They go to a great deal of trouble to do everything they can to maximise our event engagement.