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About us

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About DCC&A

DCC&A specialises in the management of conferences and associations for professional bodies. We have been operating for over 30 years and have an outstanding reputation and wealth of experience and expertise in this niche sector. 

DCC& understands committees and board governance

The very nature of much of DCC&A's work in the Not for Profit/ Association sector over so many years has enabled the DCC&A team to understand and work proficiently with committees. We provide the expert guidance and support, minimising the committee's or boards's workload and allowing them to get on with their own jobs knowing that the management is in the hands of experienced professionals.

DCC&is transparent and trustworthy

Transparency is essential and one of the biggest challenges you will face in appointing a conference or association manager.  DCC&A's reputation is based on trust. We will share your vision and understand your culture and we will act for you with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity to become part of your extended team. 

DCC&maintains our business partners

DCC&A becomes a trusted partner in an ongoing capacity because we consistently perform and deliver results well beyond the expectations of our clients. It is the clients that have experienced other companies that fully appreciate the value and the high level of professional service provided by DCC&A.